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Just want to point out that when determining a Monster's base color, you get the DxM only when your color comes up on the Monster Die, not when you choose it because an invalid color comes up.
Thanks, i have now edited the original post.

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Also, this is one of the few instances that allow DxMs to be drawn by a player out of turn, so I think its a good rule to keep as it keeps players engaged out of turn.
Well, I still think that i would give you too may DxM cards. At the very least I personally would give the DxM card for EITHER the monster move turn or base selection, but not BOTH.

Originally Posted by worms919 View Post
The problem with two move for the whole game is if you get a -1 movement penalty from something your turns are really short. In a 6 player game it can be devastating. I prefer the 1st turn: 1 move, 2nd Turn: 2 Move, 3rd + Turns: 3 Move variant.

I kind of like that bonus treasure for matching base idea, I'll probably try that one...
A 6 player game where each person has 3 moves?? how many days does that take to finish? I have played 6 players only once. And after 6 hours we were unable to finish the game, and that was with 2 turns a piece. Nobody could win. one person would make it to the entrance and the level 20 monster would be pumped up beyond 40! wth 6 people, there seemed to be an ENDLESS supply of curses and Monster buffs.

I'm not trying to insult you here, but I would really like to know how you overcome that and win.
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