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Default Faster play rules

I felt we need a suggestion forum for faster play in munchkin quest.

The expansion rules already indicate to try starting with only 2 moves per turn.
Personally I think this is a MUST!

The next biggest slowdown aspect of the game HAS to be the number of DxM cards you draw. On a 2 move turn, you could draw 1 DxM for start of turn, explore a room (Draw 1 DxM) roll your color for the monster base(draw 1 more DxM), defeat this monster of your color base(draw 1 more DxM), explore a second room and repeat!

That would give you a total of 7 new DxM cards for 1 turn!!! +1 more if you roll your color on the monster move phase! total cards = 8 !!!

This gives a LOT of curse cards, and monster boost cards to play on other players, and this causes a stalemate affect on game play, where you have SO MANY cards to bash each other with that nobody can win!

Below ar rules I've gathered from diffrent forums and personal game sessions. These rules try to rectify the slow pace of the game.

Possible rule changes include:

1) Start with only 2 moves per turn. (The expansion rules already indicate to try this. Personally I think this is a MUST!)

2) Only 1 new room exploration per player turn. (this reduces time spent, and DxM cards drawn as you normally get a new card for each exploration.)

3) No DxM cards for matching Monster Dice rolls. (You just dont need the extra DxM cards)

4) No DxM card for defeating your monster, instead draw an extra Treasure! (DxM cards mainly hurt others, treasure cards mainly help you. Also throwables that can hurt others require you to be no more than one room away to use. all good things for speeding up the game.)

If you were to play with all 4 of these rule changes, each player would get 2 moves, 1 new room exploration max, and 2 DxM cards max per turn, AND get one extra treasure when defeating their own monster)

I think this provides a much more manageable game, where people still get DxM cards to bash each other with, but not so many that the game suffers for it.

Other possible changes:

5) Buying a level costs 1 move.

6) Try to make trades when its NOT your turn whenever possible ( more of a suggestion than a rule)

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