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I've always used the "dollar values" as a ersatz "points system"; IMSMC, the costs are "AADA-standard", and Actual Prices May Vary (for ex.: A "$8,000" Laser might well be upwards of five figures "over the counter" in Montana; but for purposes of AADA events, it's Eight Large).
Oh those prices are not arbitrary savings based on depressed economies (from the RASG entries) or reduction from prestige etc. they are AADA-Standard salvage values (all legal and proper per the repair rules - though admittedly the tyre prices are extrapolation as they cannot be repaired according to the mechanic skill description, but they should still be cheaper than undamaged ones). If you want a 100cc with 6 DP you pay the full price. If you are willing to roll with equipment that can be killed by one shot from a VSG (or a pistol at point blank range for that matter) then you can make a significant cash saving, you pay in a different way.

A vehicle with damage is WORTH it's salvage value. No more, no less. AADA rules (or the points value) use the WORTH of the vehicle not its cost. If you are willing to field it, then it's your choice. Salvaged components can be bought (its right there on page 73 of CWC2.5).

No-one is going to repair a 1 DP 100cc plant as it isn't cost effective, but they must end up somewhere. Technically even once it loses that 1 DP and is destroyed you can still bring it back from the dead at zero cost by jury rigging it, but someone would prefer that to no plant at all so it still has some residual value among the desperate (I put it at 5% of the new price as a guess).

Of course not all components can take 5 DP damage and still be functional (and a 10% saving isn't worth the extra risk you run on having a light laser with half it's DPs gone). Others like truck plants should probably be more common (but again do you want your $100K rig manoeuvre killed because you wanted to save $8K on a salvaged plant).

Someone is bound to push it too far and consider damaged CA. Can I have damaged CA with 5 DPs for 10% of the cost of 10pts CA? Yes you can, unfortunately it still weighs as much as 10 pts of CA so it isn't necessarily the most weight effective solution. Ditto for regular armour, and if your LRFP armour has taken damage it quickly becomes beyond economic repair.

Ideally partially damaged equipment would fail occasionally, but that is not part of the rules.

Why isn't everyone doing it? The same reason people don't buy all their clothes from thrift stores (despite it being a very cost effective solution). We are social animals and have false pride. If you dress like a dreg then people will treat you like a dreg (and your prestige should probably tank).

You would probably be laughed out of a pro-arena event with a salvaged car, but spit and sawdust venues might not be as picky.
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