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I think 3 a side is definitely credible (with the driver being on one side as the 4th).

With the sunroof one of the passengers can certainly target the top armour of any smaller vehicle (but would almost certainly be at -2 for being out of arc). I have my own thoughts on how damage would pass through into internal components as stated in other threads but the rules as written mean you can shoot all the way through to the bottom armour. The top of the van cannot be targeted by any non-oversized vehicle so you don't have to worry about burst effects passing through the open sunroof. Unlike a turret, the sunroof passenger isn't protected by top armour and has to be targeted specifically so you are not targeting the top of the vehicle by targeting him.

Not much armour though (always a problem with vans). You could move all the top armour elsewhere, do away with the sunroof and allow every passenger 360 arcs (I'd enforce the rule that the other passengers can block LOS though). Whilst they would be at -5 to hit, they'd all be valid targets (subject to LOS) and you could normally only hit one at a time, but an area effect weapon could be devastating (and I'd say a burst effect weapon that hits one standing passenger would put any other standing passenger within the burst effect (but again nothing inside the vehicle since you are not targeting top armour).

I'd probably do away with the wheel guards as with that little armour you might as well target the van itself. Stationary it is just a bunker anyway. If you kept your speed down even though it handles like a wet bar of soap, you probably won't roll even if you loose a wheel.

The driver will need to be good and that means he'll be a rubbish gunner making that RL a bit of a crap shoot. I like the smoke rockets though :)

Even of you kill it you then have to hunt down every passenger before you remove the threat (and they are possibly even better on foot).

Oh and don't get rammed :)

Top Job, fits the brief nicely :)

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