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I've run a few games across the past few years where I designed a base car with a few weapons options for all players to choose from; my most recent was called Caravan Craziness as we used midsized hauling sloped mini-van trailers...

$24,710-ish ($16 spread)
Midsized, med power plant with HD trans, 4x Solid SB tires, driver, "gunner" for pintle mount MG, sloped mini-van trailer with 34 pts armor and another "gunner" for pintle mount MG (pintle mounts have 180 deg arcs)

weapon choices:
1) Blast Cannon w/ HRSWC, 11pts metal and 139 pts armor
2) TL & 2x AP LG RL, 14 pts metal and 93 pts armor
3) 2x VMG w/ HRSWC 169 pts armor

4 players had fun making a mess of things

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