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Default Re: Discussing Yrth History & Evolution of GURPS MAGIC

Originally Posted by hal View Post
Here is a thought for you Willy:

Create a scenario, and set it up either in General Role playing or in Play by Post. If you can get at least TWO players to join in, one for the Defender side, one for the Offense side - why not "run" such a thing again here at the Forums? All of the stuff you write will be archived and you can start up your notes again. Burn the notes onto a CD as well as placing it on your Flash drive. ;)

Heck, share your notes via email as an attachment and you can even have off site storage!
thanks for the proposal, but there are several problems.

First I never GMed 4 Ed, and even actively PLAYED since 5 years because after there was no german translation of 4th Ed new players wandered of to other systems and the old stuck to 3 rd ED. And die out from lack of content.

Second actually I search for links in my free time about GURPS for some friends and send most what I find to a Wiki. Being the person that I am I tend to stick to a task until I consider itīs done.

Third I may have time now and than but to say it bluntly a lot of health issues so I canīt plan upfront when and if I have time so Iīm not reliable in that point.

Fourth and thatīs a promise to a certain time I will ask some friends what the thinks about my Yrth ideas, not all are miltiary but most deal with newcomers and there reactions and vice versa, Iīm personally a big fan of Banestorm and portal scenarios or what happens if magic comes into a industrialy developped world. Just PM me and I add you to the list.
Some of this scenarios ripe in my head since decades, but I too had no more the written down ideas and I want them at least not completely against canon, so I have to look where the official description of YRTH ends and whatīs the condition of Yrth than.
And yes once, if my friends say itīs not completely rubbish, IīI will share my ideas, whatīs the fun of developing scenarios who are never played ?

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