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IQ 8 - Brand (T)

Place a magical brand on an item or person. The only thing the brand does is signify that you cast it. Not useful for most mages, but those who want to sign their magical work might find some use. And any ruler who wants to make sure their currency can't be counterfeited will sure hire a few mages to brand the minting of their money. ST cost: 1

IQ 12 - Witch Sight (T)
Name in progress

For the cost of 2 ST the subject of this spell can see the magical aptitude of everyone they see allowing them to distinguish wizards and heroes for 1 minute, can be extended for an additional minute per 1 ST.
[This spell is a well kept secret of Ars Vaskul in my game used to find magically adept younglings to enlist into the Ars Vaskul wizard's guild.]

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