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Default Re: Arm Lock with and without Technical Grappling rules

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Personally, I use none of the rules from TG because I prefer the rules in Basic and Martial Arts. In my opinion, all that the additional rules do is make combat more complex without adding sufficient utility to make it worth the effort. When you compare the two systems, anyone using the former system will be ground into the dirt by someone using the latter system.
You aren't the only person that feels that way, and in fact a lot of folks that I game with feel that way about GURPS in general. Like anything else, it helps if you take the time to read through the rules more than once, and do some play testing so you can understand the flow.

I disagree about the part for not adding any utility. Let me call out 3 things specifically that the book adds that carry TONS of value:

1. Relative Facing and the ability to combine a movement to a foe's side/rear arc with an attack/grapple while in CC. Not only does this mimic my IRL in training with standing grappling techniques, it makes it easier to pull off grappling techniques and harder for your foe to counter-attack you. This is a HUGE benefit to grappler characters who were previously forever stuck in a foe's Front Arc under previous rules.

2. Spending CP to reduce hit location penalties. Again, this matches up with RL, and make strikes to the Face/Neck/Vitals/Groin much easier to pull off once you have established a grapple first. This is also a big points saver as you don't have to buy up Targeted Attack for each skill and target that you want to hit on the regular.

3. Spending CP to increase striking damage. This is another big one for me, especially since I like Grab & Smash. In Martial Arts, you get a +2 to damage for following up a grapple with a strike. In TG, you get a +1 to damage for every CP you spend when you do the same. With this rule, even relatively low ST characters can land devastating strikes on foes. A ST 10 Judo/Brawling character that has 6 CP on a foe can spend them all to throw a 1d+4 cr punch...that's the same average brawling punch damage as a dude with a 19 ST.

If you take nothing else at all out of TG, those three things are totally worth, and can really change how unarmed/grappling fights pan out at the table.
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