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Default Re: Arm Lock with and without Technical Grappling rules

Originally Posted by cdru View Post
As explained on page 119 of Martial Arts, a grappler can use their grappling arms to parry an attack from the person they grappled, without having to let go
Thanks for pointing that out. I totally missed it. Here's the specific text in question:

Originally Posted by GURPS MARTIAL ARTS Pg 119
If your attack roll succeeds, your opponent can try any close-combat parry with a free hand; a Jam, if you kicked; a grappling skill parry with the arms hes using to hold you; or a dodge. The last two options represent shoving you aside. If he fails, you inflict your usual damage.
That would seem to allow hands-free parries using a grappling skill. However, I am concerned about the last bit that I highlighted and underlined. "Shoving you aside" could very well translate into a broken grapple. I don't see any clarity on that in the same section, so it would probably be up to the GM. In my games, I feel like this sort of parry via body control makes sense, and would allow it. But I'm not positive that Martial Arts gives you a carte blanche to do so, however, without giving up the grapple.
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