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Default Re: Arm Lock with and without Technical Grappling rules

I use TG without reservations, since I finally got round to reading and understanding the system.

I like it a lot, that a Grapple isn't a binary thing, so you can be more or less grappled, depending on the amount of CP rolled, which again depends on the Trained ST of the grappler.
And I like the fact that you can further improve grapples, and thet Breaking Free isn't binary either but can gradually reduce a grapple (unless the grappler re-applies it), and that you may eventually make a Reversal.
Plus we use Grabbing Parries, to set up grapple moves.

The use of CP can also be used to push or shove a grapples enemy around, bang them into a wall, expose one of their body parts for an allie's attack. It has worked quite well for us.

Personally I like the strong-man type of grappling more than the fancy, technical stuff. So grab and smash, or takedown more than locks or throws.

We play a semi-cinematic Cliffhangers campaign, where some of the grappler are quite good, and can pull off fun stuff. Two other players have also found a fondness for it. One has his character learning it. Two other players accept it but don't use it. And the last player hates it, because it takes time. His character refuses to grapple, but accepts that other do it.
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