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Default Re: Arm Lock with and without Technical Grappling rules

Personally, I use none of the rules from TG because I prefer the rules in Basic and Martial Arts. In my opinion, all that the additional rules do is make combat more complex without adding sufficient utility to make it worth the effort. When you compare the two systems, anyone using the former system will be ground into the dirt by someone using the latter system.

When it comes to parrying, another possibility is using Special Setup (No Hands > Karate Parry), such as that provided by Pak Hok, which allows a character to parry with their body rather than their hands. Such a defense could be useful anytime that your hands are full and, if you are attempting to embarrass your opponent, do something non-combat related with your hands during combat like playing the violin. You could even potentially combine that with Special Setup (Karate Parry > Arm Lock), like that provided by Wing Chun, allowing you to parry with no hands into your waiting hands, though you would need to put the violin down.
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