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Default Re: can you drop a benefit of an Ally to drop a drawback of a Dependent?

My first inclination is to do what DFRPG did with Signature Gear: make Ally a perk.

The tricky part of that is that Ally has been stretched from proper NPCs to include summonable generic minions. In that usage it is more like an attack power then a relationship.

To bring this all the way around to the very beginning, the points that pay for spell-raised zombies are the points that were spent on learning the spell. Some spells let you blow stuff up like Innate Attacks, some spells let you have zombies follow you around like Allies. That's why the PC bought the spell, and the Magery + IQ to make it work. (Yes, there has been some weaseling about Lich, Soul Jar, and Wraith on this point.)
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