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Default Re: can you drop a benefit of an Ally to drop a drawback of a Dependent?

Originally Posted by Taneli View Post
None of these need to be bought with points as allies or dependents.
I guess to elaborate on Balor's "no plot protection earlier" is SE41's left column "points invested in it guarantee that the GM won’t write it out of the story casually;"

SE41's right column also has this fun bit:
the GM has the option of simply awarding the new relationship without requiring that bonus character points be spent
That's a big upside for players in many respects (SE17 "Social Traits as Rewards") but also a potential downside, because there's a built-in disadvantage to non-Minion Allies: you don't get bonus CP if you betray them.

So by forcing you to have an Ally the GM is telling you "I have limited your freedom, here is a new situation where bonus CP will be docked during a session where you betray this guy!"

Avoiding the "at least a session" interaction requirement could be one way to avoid that pitfall: have your char not get close to anybody and you won't get attached to them.

With any ally you do have (B37) the "amicably parting ways" option to ditch them if you don't want to risk Bonus CP docking for "unnecessarily endangering" them.

Interestingly enough if you "part as friends" you could in theory just murder them later and not get your CP docked. Momonga does something along these lines in the Overlord anime, but I won't say to whom :)

Going around just randomly murdering non-allies is something which probably should have penalties too, like creating an Enemy out of a surviving friend.

I'm thinking "Social Traits as Rewards" was meant to be "Social ADVANTAGES as Rewards". If we also have "Social Disadvantages as Punishments" then collectively you could call that "Social Traits as Responses".
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