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Default Re: can you drop a benefit of an Ally to drop a drawback of a Dependent?

Originally Posted by Balor Patch View Post
Ally buys plot protection for a PCs relationship to an NPC, just as Signature Gear provides plot protection for a PCs relationship with an object in the game world.

No plot protection, no points.
The B117 "Unique" limitation for gadgets is something which comes to mind though... you can have something of benefit w/o plot protection where because you paid less the GM doesn't need to replace it if it's broken or stolen.

I was thinking maybe if we allowed this to float over to Allies to make them cheaper but lack plot protection?

That still can't bring it to zero though, the key thing would also be to somehow float this to Dependent?

Or maybe the simpler take here is: we know that if a Dependent dies you are not obligated to get a new dependent, you can instead take a different disadvantage...

What if a 3rd option was instead to lose an advantage? Like for example if a dependent dies, instead of gaining Low Empathy, you lost Empathy? Instead of gaining Slow Healing you lost Rapid Healing?

If that was allowed, then paying the debt with their value as an Ally would seem like the way to cancel it out.

+1/-1 zombie dies : you pay off your -1 debt with your +1 asset?
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