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Default Re: One-College Magery and Druidic spells

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
I'm talking now about the alternate colleges from Thaumatology, and not druids as in Dungeon Fantasy.

There are 18 colleges, which lands me in the -40% range for limitation value... but some colleges contain 40+ spells while other contain three or four. Putting the same value on them both seems unfair. So the obvious solution is to make One College Magery value depend on how many spells the college contains. Off the top of my head:

3 to 5 spells -60%
6 to 10 spells -50%
11 to 30 spells -40%
31 to 50 spells -20%
51 to 70 spells -10%
71 spells or more is not a significant limitation.

In a perfect system you would also take into account how diverse the spells are, but that seems like work.

Seem reasonable?
Doesn't work for me because colleges don't have a fixed number of spells. You can always add more spells.
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