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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Working with an awkward stickler for the rules is a great way to look good. Hua is commended during the ship's loading for performing her duties to the T.

Most of the cargo is the metallic bricks, but Hua quickly identifies a few interesting locations: where they are keeping the rocket warheads (both sheild-breaking and nuclear) (near the missiles), where they keep the spare parts for various reactor components and computers, And where they keep the weapons (near the morale section barracks).*

She also identifies a few places where people will start congregating informally on the ship, as the hydrogen bricks are removed.

Transporters move a lot of cargo in the first few days, and after the ship jumps into hyperspace, they get a much appreciated slow-down in the work.

Does Hua want to do anything for dreadstorming before the meet-up on tuesday?

*many of these locations are gnerally standard, but the exact location moves around.
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