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The title "Slop" is figurative, and well incorporated into the food most of the time: anything with flour (like the shield crew's pastries). Its in the dumplings of the soup today, which can be avoided until Daymar times his "incident".

He's able to dispose of his dumplings and soup. He's got a little bit in his stomach. He has avoided the drugs for 24 hours, and will easily make it to 38 hours, when they have breakfast next. He's only had to go short on breakfast and on half of dinner so far.

The next day will be sunday... not that days of the week are terribly relevant on-board. how will daymar avoid breakfast?
Relieved to get through another meal avoiding the slop undetected, and is now racking his brains how to make it the rest of the way. Rather than risk injesting more of the drugs, he eyes up the "slop" at breakfast to see whether he could hold it in his mouth, and then go dispose of it in the bathroom.

[15] 20-08-06 12:05:45 CEST

Holdout to conceal food in mouth

3d6 <= 14
2 + 3 + 5 = 10 ... success
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