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Default Re: Whats a Munchkin?

Originally Posted by Stonebender
Example 1: a fighter who is as strong as possible, wears the heavyiest armor possible, carries the biggest weapon possible, and has no other redeming qualities or storyline/roleplaying purpose. Munchkin
That's a Brick, which is a character archetype which may often be played by a munchkin, but a character archetype itself isn't a munchkin per se.

Originally Posted by Stonebender
Example 2: a wheelchair bound character who has a child, requires frequent medical attention, is a pasifist, and is a extremely powerful psychic would not be munchkin in my openion as long as the campaign involved psychics.
That's another character archetype, the bodiless Mentalist, it has many forms and names, it might be a cripple, a brain in a jar, or a mouse, or just a 90 lbs weakling, but again, just because munchkins often play such characters, it doesn't make the archetype itself a munchkin.

Originally Posted by Stonebender
How do you guys define Munchkinism? Examples would be apreciated. munchkin and non munchkin
Munchkins think that RPGs are something you win at, and often the way they go at it, is by trying to make the most powerful character in order to beat all the other characters of the players they're gaming with, 'cause the munchkin thinks that if his character is better at stuff than all of the other characters, that somehow the munchkin in "beating" the other players.

IMO, Munchkinism is usually people doing stupid things, totally out of character, in an attempt to "win", and/or going for the power build in order to show off.
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