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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Originally Posted by combatmedic View Post
More about Sylea/Capital-

Sylea is often known as 'Capital', in much the same way that the citizens of the East Roman Empire used to call Constantinople 'The City.' Over time, the designation has become so common that it has even entered into official records. On Sylea/Capital, many natives use the old name for the planet when referring to the world as a whole, and reserve 'Capital' for the Imperial administrative districts and the Imperial Palace.

Sylea is a heavily urbanized world, but it actually does have plenty of green space. Huge pleasure gardens, automated farms, and carefully maintained wildlife preserves stretch over much of the planet's surface. Some of these green spaces are open to the public, but many others are private estates.

To be granted an estate on Sylea is a great honor. These estates are granted by the Emperor, and can be taken away by him. Of course, no rent is charged. That would be beneath the dignity of the Iridium Throne! Estates are only repossessed for treason or corruption (at least, this is the official policy). Sometimes troublesome nobles are required to retire to such estates, and there kept under virtual house arrest by Imperial forces.

Sylea is home to an unusually large proportion of very wealthy subjects, but there are more subjects of middling or lowly station living on the planet. These 'little people' mostly work in service industries.
In other words it is a Planetary Palace.

Actually that is what it would be IMTU. It is also a great trade hub as a function of being a planetary palace. Like Constantinople.

A number of Sylean patriots and their sympathizers still insist on calling Capital "Sylea". Falarthans do too, mainly because they find a name representing someone else's tribal loyalties more appealing then a name representing generic Government.
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