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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)


The Sylean, or Imperial, Church has sent missionaries to many worlds. Joining it is not required for everyone who attains high rank, but it certainly helps smooth one's passage up the line. Some worlds are controlled by the Church. Most military chaplains are part of the Imperial Church.

There are cook-chaplains, a la Jason Taylor's set up, for Vilani troops. There are also informally recognized NCO 'chaplains' for other traditions.

The Imperium neither guarantees nor restricts the religious liberty to the people of worlds under Imperial protection. Such matters are the purview of the member states, not the Imperial authorities.

Various forms of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc may be found throughout the Third Imperium. Syncretic religions, Vilani religions, and other traditions are part of the mix. The Imperial Church is the highest profile religion, but hardly the only faith.


Imperial Court fashions are widely copied on many other worlds. It's quite common to find wealthy people in the further reaches of the Imperium wearing outdated Sylean fashions. Then again, some worlds don't follow such trends. The Imperium is diverse. Many ordinary folks barely have any contact with elite, cosmopolitan, Sylean influenced culture.


Galanglic is the language of the government and the military. Many people speak something else as their native tongue. People from backwater worlds may speak little or no Galangic.

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