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Default Re: Glass Bottle vs. 9 mm Parabellum

Originally Posted by Danukian View Post
As noted on Low Tech p34, Glass bottles aren't Homogenous (which is meant for solid objects), they are Brittle - see Bpg 136. - so 9 points of damage - 1DR will shatter the glassware just fine.
Yes, glass bottles are Brittle, as pointed out on p. 34 of Low-Tech, and I didn't say otherwise. However, Brittle and Homogenous are not mutually exclusive (examples include Body of Stone meta-trait, p. B262). And a glass bottle is a solid object; in fact, Homogenous is particularly meant for beings whose "body has no vulnerable internal organs, bones, muscles, or other mechanisms" (p. B60). Glass bottles, which lack "internal organs, bones, muscles, or other mechanisms", are obviously Homogenous -- just as wooden furniture is.
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