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Default Re: Can animals dodge?

Originally Posted by Rolando View Post
i would say that depends on the animal "personality" and tactics, I can see some cautious animals dodging. Wolfs, for example, attack in packs, surrounding the target and some of them get close and doge while those behind the prey go for the kill.
Defend, sure, but Dodge? They have no concept of a crossbow, so why would they jump around in order to avoid it? Defending in melee or being close to enemies where they might be attacked, sure. They might even jump away from a thrown weapon, but that is included in the Defend option when engaged.

And animals that are very small, fast, or instinctively using cover for hiding purposes, I could see them giving attackers a neg DX bonus, many animals already give that. And I think you could say they "dodge" because their movement is hard to predict or some such as a rabbit trying to Defend against a chasing fox. But not intentionally and not in intelligent response to an archer.

It just feels very wrong to me.
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