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Default Re: Can animals dodge?

I would rather discuss animal and NPC behavior in TFT in general.

Things like Bears going up on their hind legs roaring to scare people away. Wolves hunting in packs, scaring and harassing their prey, and basically running them to death taking turns to chase them at a jogging pace. And if they are really aggressive trying to hamstring their prey to slow them down and bleed them out. Often retreating as soon as the "prey" turns out to have the capability to attack back or just stand their ground and not getting scared enough to run. Often animals, especially animals that hunt are real cowards/careful. They know that one misstep one lucky blow from a hoof, a kick, an antler, or whatever can crack a rib or just do them enough damage that they can't hunt properly and they will starve to death.
Sure there might be fantasy versions of said animals, and they probably can both dodge and do mass attacks and go for the throat. And you will have circumstances when they protect their young, fight for territory, or are so starved that they throw caution to the wind, but not yet so starved that they are weak. But those cases should be the exceptions.

I would say that one man with a sturdy quarterstaff, that he might, or might not have talent with, should have an even chance of driving away a pack of normal wolves passing by. If you go by TfT rules and have suicidal torpedo wolves, he wouldn't stand a chance against even one wolf.

And in extension, this would also go for most fights against human adversaries. Fighting to the death, using every turn to it's maximum, being super-efficient, and that no matter the odds, are kind of standard which is very unhistorical and very unrealistic.

I wished there were talents for intimidation and tougher morale, rules for morale, and more encouragement to the GM to roleplay opposition in a less murder hobo way. And that in turn would mean that players might also turn into less of a murder hobo gang. And the distinction between an NPC and a PC might be in more than just talents, it will be in the willingness to go above and beyond, to attack to save his mates, instead of defending to save his own skin, fighting and risking the bitter end instead of throwing down their weapons or run away when things start to go south, etc.
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