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Default [IW] Gernsback, Red Alert style . . .

Greetings, all!

Just an idea I had and wanted to share.

After reading RA3's description, with all the divergent tech and alternate timelines, I immediately thougt of Infinite Worlds. Now, Gernsback is the default weird-tech world from IW. However, I wonder if anybody tried making/using worlds with even more weird-tech. Something on RA's level of weirdness, with lots of 'big' tech breakthroughs, but few if any society-changing ones like microcomputers. Sort of like TL6- or TL7-inspired science fiction. I think something like that could be used for a sense of weirdness in IW, especially if such a world has parachronics of their own (messing up between Infinity and Centrum).

Opinions? Follow-ups? Comments?

Thanks in advance!
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