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Originally Posted by UnknownMan View Post
Well, maybe you could do that with 6 players, (though I have my doubts that even 2 players could overcome the DxM card onslaught of 4 other players.)

But in a 3 player game, like i mentioned, what fun is it when 2 out of 3 players win? 2 people could just tream up from the beginning, and the 3rd person would always lose.

I'm just posting methods to speed up the game and reduce the stalemate that often comes with gathering so many DxM cards.

If you don't want to use these rules thats fine, but I KNOW I am not the only person in the world who thinks Munchkin Quest can run long.
Sorry, I am not trying to offend or upset you. And like I said if it makes the game more fun for you and your friends then go for it. I just thought it was a little unfair to say that the length of the game can suck the fun out of it, if you are ignoring the one rule that can fix that.

The one rule I try to use to speed up the game is playing with the 2 move a turn(I just forgot about it at my last demo). That tends to help out a lot and also helps knock out some of those pesky dxm cards. But I haven't really come across players hoarding to many dangerous dxm cards, at least so far.
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