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Default Re: [Banestorm] Why is the Cardien Council of Lords full of barons and vicounts?

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
No. The highest nobles have to be one step down from the prince. That's the appeal to being elected Prince, that it gives you a status boost. Thing is, Cardiel, like Caithness doesn't really have a pyramidal social structure. That's why it has a ruling council and an elected monarchy. What it really is, is a confederation of 7 very minor monarchs.
I am not so sure, it seems to me that you can also model a head of state or a chief executive as having Administrative Rank, Legal Immunity, Social Regard, or other advantages. I would agree that in an aristocracy, the head of state should generally have the highest status, but I would want to see what GURPS Banestorm says about Status in the setting and exactly what authority the Prince of Cardiel has.
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