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Default Re: Shield Rush in DFRPG

Sup Kromm... Sorry for reviving a two year old topic... a newbie doubt:

How could initial thrust be 2d-1 on example below?
ST + 3 plus Striking ST, means ST 15 for damage... that would be 1d+1 for thrust damage, right? I'm missing something?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
It's possible to build a character around shield rushes, but that calls for a large shield with a spike, plus high ST and Striking ST, plus Weapon Master (Shield) for a further per-die bonus. A knight who dumps all 60 advantage points into ST +3 [30], Striking ST 2 [10], and Weapon Master (Shield) [20] starts with thrust 2d-1 and a basic slam of 2d-3, and will be adding +2 per die with a shield, for 2d+1. With a DB 3 large shield and a spike, the rush will be 2d+5. In decent armor, the knight will probably be managing Move 3 and +1 per die, for 2d+7 (average 14)
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