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Default Re: Spell categories by Magery

Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
one or more points of energy in the spell, to a maximum of
On possibility here, if one opts to read "maximum" as describing "more points" rather than the collective statement "one or more points", then that could at least be ground to allow 1+Magery on the 1st turn, if sadly not the extra ones.

This would at least give one small damage benefit to that first 0>1 improvement for Concussion.

I don't even know why we need the 'minimum 1 per turn at magery 0' policy now that Magical Styles introduced Power Casting. We don't need the rule to allow missile damage w/o magery 1+ if we just require them to get the Power Casting perk.

Another option is to just borrow Thaumatology's magery-free suggestions for penalties for Ritual Magic: be -1 to your roll per 10 points advantages you are missing. This lets magery 0 guys cast 1/turn missile spells at -1 to skill or 10/turn missile spells at -10 to skill.
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