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Default Re: Confused by the FAQ on Afflictions

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
No, Cancellable is IIRC 10%. Possibly 5%.
It's a bargain at 10%, and I thought I saw that it was considered a variant of Selective Effect elsewhere. Consider this: if it is a free action, why ever purchase Selective Effect? You can cast it on an entire area and just freely cancel the effect on the targets you don't want affected. Even if it requires an activation to cancel, it's still giving you the utility to cast over an area then decide you want to release targets later very selectively. After all, unlike Innate Attack, once you cancel most afflictions there is no lasting damage.

As for other utility let's go back to shrinking: what's worth more? You can afflict shrinking. By default do you play it that for the duration:

Option A, you retain the ability to turn it off an on (activation, a ready maneuver) for everyone you cast it on, effectively being able to turn it off during the duration as well as potentially turning it back on later during the duration.

Option B, the target shrinks when the affliction is used and the target remains that way until the duration expires.

The default in the book seems that you use it on someone rather than gift them an advantage that you can turn on and off. For Warp, that's one 'port, no duration. For shrinking, you get that advantage fully activated for the duration.

Rev did bless giving the ability as an advantage, fully under the user's ability, but that's still different.
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