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Default Martial Arts style for [Banestorm] Knights of St. George of the Dragon

I am wondering about a martial arts style appropriate for the Caithness knightly order the Knights of St. George of the Dragon. The reason I bring it up is that Martial Arts: Yrth Fighting Styles says that the Caithness knights favor Late Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat as apposed to the Megalan High Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat. This is because Caithness Chivalry demands dismounting to fight an opponent who is unhorsed or on foot. Megalan knights don't care.

That said, it seems to me that one of the jobs of the Knights of St. George of the Dragon is to defend Caithness against monstrous threats (hence, their founder was a dragon slayer x2 before being killed by a third!). Since a lot of monsters are strong enough to make even heavy armor somewhat unreliable as a primary defense, it would seem to me that the Late Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat Style, which uses two-handed weapons instead of a shield, would not be ideal.

So, what change might a knightly order still interested in Chivalry make to their combat style in order to still be effective against monstrous threats? Would they simply go back to High Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat? Would they add elements of say, Viking Spear Fighting? Train in crossbows to fight monsters who don't get the benefits of Chivalry because they are already vastly more powerful than individual humans?

Also, I have not done much human vs. powerful monsters in GURPS, so I am not quite sure from play experience what is effective. Insight from a game mechanical perspective would be helpful.

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