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Default Please do not PM me with support issues....

Please do not Private Message me with support issues. I am not a professional support provider, so there are many things that might be causing issues for you that I don't know about, but that somebody else here in the forums might have been able to solve for you. You are unnecessarily limiting your avenues to a solution if you PM me with such things.

Put another way: If you PM me, only I can answer you, but if you post here in the forums, anybody who knows the answer, or has a suggestion, may be able to help you.

And put yet another way:

Armin's small brain = Full of useless information that won't help anyone.
Forum's aggregate brain = Full of useful information, some of which might be exactly what you need.

On the other hand, please feel free to PM me with questions or side notes that may be of no interest to other people here in the forum, or that may not pertain to GCA.


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