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Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
I wouldn't know how to critique the details, since I don't really want or relate to wanting D&D-type clerics to exist, and I don't really want any religious-themed magic healing, and I like the healing being limited to physickers, rest, and occasional rare fragile expensive healing potions.
Never having liked D&D or the stereotypical clerics of other games I tend to agree with you.

But if the World I was running allowed for active gods and religions, I think I'd have to allow that the pious followers of at least one faith might be gifted with healing powers.

But consistency would be critical. It would be a pacifistic religion devoted to a non-violent belief system, with a creed along the lines of the hippocratic oath -- do no harm. Pick up a weapon, lose your healing power. Learn a harmful spell, lose your healing power. Engage in any violence even in self defense, lose your healing power. Swat a mosquito, lose your healing power.

They'd make terrible player characters, but could be interesting NPCs in the right story.
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