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This was a comment before I moved it here by Alyx Suregrip

Since there is no clerics in TFT, make them what you want them to be. That is, others cannot tell you a Cleric is a healing wizard vs some kind of priest.

Same goes if it is tied to a religion or all religions have clerics or difference between them. Your call.

Now to regarding your content. This are just my opinions (so feel free to reject them, as I already suggested you do with others. haha).

First I see you wish to replace Physicker. Why not have your Cleric talents in addition. Certainly there is room for healers of both science based and faith based. Maybe even have a rivalry. Or allow combining of the skills.

Other than that I like your approach to a Cleric class. I have no comments on the ambidextrous and future skills.

take care

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