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Default Re: Show me the magic!

Originally Posted by JLV View Post
Update to say that I still haven't seen a response over on C.R.'s blog -- but it's only been a few days and I know he stated elsewhere that work was picking back up again, so it may take a while...
Got a response! Below is what he posted on his blog in answer to my question:

"AS to Enlarge person--it is an editing mistake with its inclusion in the Reduce person spell. Why?

1) I did not want the wizard spells to be the solve all for challenges
2) I did not what the heroic fantasy of HOW to be super charged with a super big hero--why fear giants or dragons when with a quick wizard spell I can be just as big!
3) By keeping reduce person it allows for some creative "problem solving" by the party--maybe fighting isn't always the answer!

There is a Growth Potion available in Terrors & Treasures so the effect is in game--but only as a potion! So that keeps t he magic magical IMHO and allows for the same in game effect but in a much more limited and special usage manner."

His reasoning actually makes a lot of sense to me here. So I think I'll just let it rest there... ;-)
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