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Having a polearm and the ability to unimpededly retreat is a huge advantage and should be. Note that the other character has options besides Move and Attack, though. All out Attack or Commited Attack, Giant Step or Great Lunge, etc.
Also, All Out Defense (Dodge), which allows half Move - use that to get into the foe's hex, and they'll likely be unable to get more than a yard away from you if they want to retain the ability to attack - and even if they give up their attack, they probably can't get more than 2 yards away, unless they expose their back to you (which leaves them wide open for a Telegraphic All Out Attack). If they've got a polearm, you probably have at least a Reach 1 weapon, so they can't get far enough for you to be unable to hit with a regular Attack. Give up the ability to attack now to be able to use it later. It's actually fairly difficult to keep a determined opponent at a distance in GURPS, although they do have to disadvantage themselves a bit (giving up Retreat* and/or the ability to attack for a round, at least from time to time).

*EDIT: Although if they're relying on Dodge or a Fencing Parry, they just have to give up some of the bonus - they can Slip to get 1 yard closer and be at net +1, or Sideslip to stay at the same distance and be at net +2. Note even those using other defenses can make use of Slip to close the distance faster, although they're at a net -1 to defense to do so. At least if using the optional rules from Martial Arts.
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