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Originally Posted by Apollonian View Post
Given his advanced age, I suggest that Kessler might want to employ more than one medical professional on the yacht, especially if he expects trouble (and why wouldn't he?). This might also let you set up a fun little dynamic between the no-nonsense modern physician and the Esoteric Medicine expert who have to work together to keep Mr. Kessler hale and happy. (I would also suggest that one of them might need to be a nurse, as opposed to a physician.)
One PC, Edward Alvin Smith, actually has pretty impressive military first aid skills, including field surgery, and he's a fair alchemist as well. Granted, he learned his alchemy in another world and his elixirs actually do not work all that well on humans, but he's bought a medieval grimoire in Arabic, written by a not-at-all-mad Moroccan, to teach himself esoteric medicine and curative magic as it applies to humans.

Still, while Smith used to work for Kessler (before Smith was lost in the Bermuda Triangle), Kessler wasn't expecting him to come back more than twenty years later and would have hired someone as chief medical officer in the meantime.

I suspect I'll give him a nurse, a doctor on board and then have the chef be learned in elixir-making. She can either come from the Gulf Coast (likely a place with a tradition of rootwork and/or voodoo/hoodoo) or one of the Caribbean islands.

Originally Posted by Apollonian View Post
Also, shouldn't the butler be chief steward, not stewardess?
Yachting magazines are weird. I saw Chief Stewardess used without regard for the actual gender of the person in more than one place. But, yeah, he's certainly the Chief Steward / Major-domo / Châtelain.
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