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Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
These are the crew positions I'll need filled:

Captain: I was thinking that a Texan with experience in the US Navy or Coast Guard might do. Maybe in his early 50s, retired after 20 years in 2008 and has been with Kessler since. Probably has a parent who knew Kessler.
First Mate: Preferably a Chief Warrant Officer from the Navy or Coast Guard.
Butler (Chief Stewardess): Kessler has a right-hand-man who occupies this role, a stern Haitian who has been with him since the mid-80s. Haven't named him yet. He'll also be the purser, possibly with some assistance at the clerical side.
Chief Engineer: Has to be incredibly competent, at a wide range of tasks.
Chef: Ditto.
Bosun: Needs to be extremely competent.
Deck hands (2-4): Might double as security, in which case they'll be recruited from the Coast Guard, Navy or another branch of the military where operators might learn boating, small unit tactics, waterborne assault, etc.
Engineers / mechanics (1-2): Might specialise, with one serving as armourer.
Medical officer: Either has to be a Special Forces medic (or the equivalent), a bona-fide doctor (and a very good one) or someone with Esoteric Medicine who can brew healing Elixirs. Ideally, of course, two or more of the above.
Sous chef: No idea.
Crew chef: No idea.
Librarian: Not usually a full-time position on yachts, but this one is special. Will be very learned in occult and esoteric matters.
Secretary (1-3): Must be efficient and extremely discreet.
Interior crew / stewards (2-4): Will almost certainly also handle personal security. One will have a strange job which includes cleaning alchemical gear and might be an apprentice magician.
Given his advanced age, I suggest that Kessler might want to employ more than one medical professional on the yacht, especially if he expects trouble (and why wouldn't he?). This might also let you set up a fun little dynamic between the no-nonsense modern physician and the Esoteric Medicine expert who have to work together to keep Mr. Kessler hale and happy. (I would also suggest that one of them might need to be a nurse, as opposed to a physician.)

Also, shouldn't the butler be chief steward, not stewardess?
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