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Default Re: what does a recently founded fantasy city look like?

Originally Posted by RGTraynor View Post
Yeah. Normally I'm down on this line of thinking, because GURPS magic rules just are not generous enough to provide. But with a thousand children there, you've got crazy scope for lending energy in ceremonial castings or to power items that aren't mage-only to operate.
If we use Yrth as our benchmark, 2% of the 400 adults are actually mages (8). Create Food (2 per meal for organic, 30 seconds) and Essential Food (3 per meal for organic, 30 seconds) are somewhat cheap.

Given that casting time is x 10 and the limit is 100 energy for unskilled spectators who support the casting that is 50 Create Food meals or 33 Essential Food meals every 5 minutes.

Even if only one of our 8 mages is a food and water mage he can create one meal for all 1000 Children and 400 adults in 140 minutes.

Remember that ceremonial casting maxes out at
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