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Default Re: Discussing Yrth History & Evolution of GURPS MAGIC

Originally Posted by Willy View Post
The low mana level in caithness is of course why megalos hasnīt overrun them yet, there legions rely heavy on battlemages and attached wizard corps.

By the way here is a discussion on discord I started when musing on what would happen if a larger modern army would clash with a magically supported Yrth army aka megalan legion, which is in defence and had time to prepare. I wanted an open battle so I stacked the cards and didnīt took mind spells into account, the idea needs a lot of fintunin though but may still be worth a read for the differend standpoints. I was mostly on the fly because I lost my old notes about it which included several math examples and the possible outcome of certain other spells. I still thought i had my notes when I started it. Save early save often, but what do you do if your USB sticks got lost?
I wish I had saved my Magewar notes and emails as well, but my drive got corrupted when my daughter's friend broke certain "protocol rules" and went to sites that were laced with malware. I still burn with resentment at the kid who did that even after all these years (lost a lot of valuable pictures and other valuable files darn it!).

One of the tactical saving graces of GURPS MAGIC is the -1 penalty per 3 feet of distance from spell caster. It means that mages don't automatically overwhelm "Mundane" defenses with their spells. Some spells that permit a mage or fighter to bypass physical mundane barriers are toublesome - but a mundane defense was feasible in GURPS FANTASY 1st edition, that became more problematical in GURPS MAGIC 1st and/or 2nd edition. By the time of GURPS MAGIC for 4e, Mundane Defenses became impossible to defend. Cheap "Rain of <insert method of destruction> spells made it highly improbable for Mundane defenses to survive unless they were housed in no mana regions or protected by insanely huge pentagrams etc.

Here is a thought for you Willy:

Create a scenario, and set it up either in General Role playing or in Play by Post. If you can get at least TWO players to join in, one for the Defender side, one for the Offense side - why not "run" such a thing again here at the Forums? All of the stuff you write will be archived and you can start up your notes again. Burn the notes onto a CD as well as placing it on your Flash drive. ;)

Heck, share your notes via email as an attachment and you can even have off site storage!
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