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Default Re: [RPM] Altered Traits

I feel roughly the same way as Momo (although I wouldn't call the system "distressing", personally). I'm leaning more toward Ghostdancer's words, because the beautiful thing about GURPS is that you can describe damn near anything in GURPS terms. "Acts twice as often" and "hears other peoples' thoughts" have Advantages, as do most things.

I guess my question is, regarding Ghostdancer's third bullet point, is what does Strengthen Body (for example) do? The only options I see are that it add bonus to physical activities, which uses the Bonuses and Penalties effect, or that it increases physical stats like Basic Move or ST, which uses Altered Traits. Heck, I think I'd even build Greater Control Mind as Mind Control, and throw modifiers on it to represent the limitations of the spell (maybe a flat -80% for one shot, similar to how Favor is a one-shot Contact for 20% of the price).

Mind you, this isn't a bad thing. Ritual Path Magic is so fantastically flexible that adding an Altered Trait cost to most rituals doesn't really make it less appealing to me.
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