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Default Re: GURPS Mass Combat Question

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
"Briefly" would be tricky . . .

They're two completely different systems whose only overlapping mechanic is a Quick Contest of Strategy (or Tactics), which takes different modifiers and produces different results in each edition.
I'd go one step further, and say that they both use troop strength via a relative troop strength plus a table for special troop type relative strength to modify that quick contest.

But Kromm is otherwise right: The numbers for Troop strength look very different, are calculated in different ways, and don't use the same base units. The systems spend their word count on very different things.

The 4th edition version is very much bigger and more polished, covering the full range of tech levels, a battle that progresses in steps with various tactics, a smoother presentation of its system, and a more refined system for logistics and pay.
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