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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Tymathee View Post
(...) within a DF dungeon crawling setting it is quite plausible that the education system for youth involves teaching them adventuring relevant skills (...)
To strengthen the conception of your character: Your statement about "luck is necessary for her survival" would be more agreeable if your 7-year-old Alice had the skills and stats of a kid. But, most of her skills and stats are at the level of a Navy Seal.

It is not that she can't have such levels of skill or stats being a kid, the genre could allow it.

However, stretching her luck to 48 lucky breaks an in-game day (by taking the highest of possible multipliers) under the assumption she wouldn’t make it otherwise, does not make much sense; her skills and stats (akin to a Navy Seal’s) offset the argument, especially when the 62 CP players are expected to survive while she has 4 times the budget.

Originally Posted by Tymathee View Post
Well, now that it appears we can cease the discussion of the use of the Game Time modifier on her Ridiculous Luck (it began with understanding it ought to be +0%... and has now ended back at that +0%. We've come full circle!) There's a great deal of ad infinitum amounts of variables involved in concerns of time usage. Should we be opening this can of worms? (...)
You could say so, but remember that using in-game time or managing time as a whole was not the problem with luck; the problem was the advantage did not have a clear in-game time value and that it was very discretional. The uncertain usage of the advantage called for a cosmic modifier.

After the changes you made, the advantage is clear.
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