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Default Re: Mage Specialization [Fantasy]

Originally Posted by Pbuckley View Post
I'm not too against some specialization but at least in my sword and sorcery games I cap starting skill levels at 20, to avoid weirdly specialized characters.
If playing DF as an over-the-top cinematic setting I'll probably be fine with wepaon skills, acrobatics, etc. sitting above 20. Though you can't really pull it off much using the templates, so it would be something for later in the campaign.

For non-combat skills I'd be really harsh on the difference between almost impossible and actually impossible. Ninja-ing around to sneak past a dozen guards patrolling with good vantage points during day? Almost impossible. Sneaking straight up (without misdirection) to a guard who has noticed you and is looking right in your direction? Impossible, you don't even get to make a roll.

A bit like how Nightivision will let you work with almost no light at all, but if you want to see in complete darkness you need something like Darkvision. (Or in the stealth example, something like Invisibility).

Personally though? I lean to using advantages and techniques rather than just very high skill-numbers. I think the Ninja with 16-skills + Super-Jump, Clinging (Uneven surfaces, -?%; Chi, -10%) and Obscure Vision (Stealthy, +100%; Chi, -10%) is more fun than the one who just has Climbing-20, Stealth-22. For one, it is more clear what the ninja can and cannot do, for another the advantages can have countermeasures built-in.
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