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Default Re: detaching bionic leg to use as club instead of just kicking with it

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
This part does seem realistic: a 2-legged person can train to remain standing on 1 leg, while a 1-legged person can also train to remain standing on 1 leg, but in either case they are accustomed to either having or not having that extra weight, so changing would be an unusual situation:

1) a 2-legged person who recently loses a leg should find it harder to balance
2) a 1-legged person who recently gains a leg should fine it harder to balance

Neither should be impossible though, since people learn to balance with different load %s all the time, it could be soft-capped w/ penalties.
Attaching a weight to one of your legs and then switching between standing of different legs isn't particularily difficult though. I think someone with the martial skill to attempt the leg-club/leg flail probably has pretty good balance. Either way the advantage "Perfect Balance" would of course negate any such penalties. Jumping around on one leg in an attempt to hit someone with the other (bionic) leg that really does sound difficult though.
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