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Default Re: detaching bionic leg to use as club instead of just kicking with it

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
No, you fall down without any support because your balance is thrown off because your leg is in your hands rather than where it should be. Your body also still thinks the leg is attached due to phantom sensations, so you fall because the unconscious adjustments of stance to catch yourself fail.
Is this the no fun allowed club? :p

Jokes aside, I don't see any issues removing a leg in cinematic or realistic settings, especially not if the leg is made to be removable/replaceable. It depends on how it is wired to the person; it might even be largely handled by AI instead of just plugging into the brain/nervous system.

Probably the bionic leg functions as a somewhat awkward club with a length based on, well, its length. For most legs wielded around the ankle this would probably be a range 1-2 weapon of somewhat unimpressive stats (unless the bionic leg is heavier and harder than a regular leg). If you poke someone with the leg it probably qualifies as a range 2 weapon even if it would otherwise be range 1.

Unless it is a very cinematic setting (rule of cool!) balance isn't a factor I would penalty the attack roll since you're lacking a leg to stand/move around on.

Actually being able to detach your leg sounds like a perk at best. If anyone can do it with some effort then the leg probably qualifies as a Mitigator for "One Leg" with a value based on how easy it is to remove/hard it is to replace/how much plot-protection it has.
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