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Default Mage Specialization [Fantasy]

In my opinion, mages specializing in a single spell makes sense from multiple perspectives. For example, consider a character with IQ 11 [20], Magery 0+3 (Healing College Only, -40%) [23], Lend Energy-12 [1], Lend Vitality-12 [1], Minor Healing-12 [1], and Major Healing-25 [52]. For 98 CP, they may be a one trick pony, but they have a very effective trick, and their exceptionally high skill allows them to heal their patients by 32 HP per day.

For an adventuring party, such a specialist mage provides an amazing service because they can return critically injured characters to the functionality in just a few turns by only spending 4 FP. Now, they cannot heal themselves nearly as effectively, so the party should really invest in healing potions for the mage, but the mage saves them up to 32 healing potions per day (assuming the average party of five). With an average cost of $120/healing potion, that is a potential cost savings of up to $3840.

I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with specialist mages? Did they provide a valuable service or did they bring minimal utility to the party? Would you allow such specialists into your games and, if so, what would be the best specialists for an adventuring party?
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