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Default Re: Return of the MNSH (Murderous Ninja Sniper Halfling)

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
Some of the other peculiar weapons also still want house rules to not have munchkin potential. Lasso, bola and whip can also be used by a MNSH to knock down and immobilize the victim for a follow-up obliteration by sha-ken.

i.e. Entangling someone with a lasso, bola or whip only takes a to-hit roll (at missile range penalties for the lasso), and no saving roll, and the result is falling down and not being able to get up the next turn, at least. If MNSH can instantly ready & throw 12 sha-ken next turn after advancing 5-6 hexes... and again the next turn as the opponent stands up.... and again the next turn when the opponent would get some hope of attacking if he weren't dead already.
I had sworn to myself I wouldn't post anything more about MNSHs, but this is so abominable I can't help myself. I'm not sure I have ever read the lasso rules until now. You are right.

Imagine: You walk into the Melee arena to see a nightmare: a non-shrewd 32pt MNSH stands at the far side, with a lasso ready (two bags of sha-ken as secondary). The nature of this lasso attack (thrown? hand weapon? missile weapon?) is unclear, so we'll give MNSH no benefits of any doubts. Initiative. Do what you like, says MNSH. I don't mind. MNSH stands still, smiling. It doesn't matter where you move, MNSH's lasso can reach you with its 15 range. MNSH acts before you possibly can because his DX is 20 and yours is less (unless you're a MNSH too). You dodge, but from across the arena MNSH effortlessly floats the lasso around your dodging body (4d/adjDX18 = 90% success). "How is this happening to me?? What sorcery is this??" you wonder, as you immediately fall to the ground. "This little &*(&! only has 4 ST!".

Oh, man!
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