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Default Re: Potion of Halitosis played on Floating Nose after Malign Mirror is played

Oh, I'm sorry for any inconvenience my post may have caused. I have been a member of this forum for a long time and I try to be consistent with its rules. In no case did I want to be disrespectful to Andrew's answer. I'm just still not sure what the "Bonus" means for an Item. The Potion of Halitosis is the perfect example for me to understand what it means exactly. And that's the reason I chose to reply on this old thread instead of creating a new one, in case a debate would be initialized, to be all in the same place and avoid duplicates.

So what happens if the cursed player is using Items like Flaming Poison Potion or a similar card to Potion of Halitosis, the Rat on a Stick which gives you a +1 Bonus.

Flaming Poison Potion: It is considered a flame/fire attack.
Rat on a Stick: If you discard this item, you can escape automatically from monsters up to Level 8.

Did these Items also lose their abilities/effects just because they are Items or only their Bonus is not counted (+3 and +1, respectively)? Those are the examples I could find, I would be grateful if you help me to understand the effects of this curse. :)
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