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Default Re: DreadStormers (OOC)

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OK (thanks!), so let's establish a time for Brainwashing Nejora.
I want Nejora to have, Fanaticism: Pacifica.
Erick, could you help us find the appropriate time-window for that?
If you need some dice rolling, let me know.

Once Nejora is “ready” I can help you take down an officer.

TGLS, I think Hua is the most adequate to fetch an officer’s password to get into their barracks. We could give the password to a group of subverted, and have them seize the officers section. This is when we could do the “hyperdrive thing”.
Are you sure about Fanaticism? The other companions I've given Sense of Duty plus some other traits that make them more trusting and able overlook absences. Fanaticism might provoke other, less desirable reactions.
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