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Default Re: GURPS Forum Abbreviations: help the newbies?

I'm going to have a gripe about abbreviations for ammunition types in Ultra-Tech, some of which aren't immediately obvious and only yield up their secrets on a close reading of the text. CL and CLP were particularly frustrating until I spotted a ref to "caseless long rifle" rounds at the end of the conventional guns section (p136), as they weren't explained where they were introduced and aren't indexed.

So far I've figured out-
CL- caseless long
CLP- caseless long pistol
CLR- caseless long rifle
PC- plastic-cased (for shotgun-style ammo)
PLB- pre-loaded barrel
G- grenade, I presume, although I'm not sure why the Portable Rail Gun (p141/142) is listed as 10mmG when the text says it fires slugs
N- needler (that was an easy one)
T- tangler (likewise)

Abbreviations for gun names are more explicitly stated, so I won't go into them, but I had some 30 minutes frustration trying to scan the text, weapons tables, index, Basic Set, etc, for a summary of these ammo types.
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